• AllHipHop

    “Hear Ye Him isn’t to far removed for the old Malice, comprised of introspective flows on the drug game, and its repercussions on one’s self and family.  There are no filler hooks here.  Rhymes are intelligent and concise, and they cut like a knife.  The same high caliber raps The Clipse were known for are on this album.”



  • MTV

    “No Malice is relaying a message that’s worth hearing.”

  • stupidDOPE

    “No Malice is relaying a message that’s worth hearing…his album is nothing short of amazing, and is a must add to your collection. We are definitely honored to have placed our ears upon it, and highly suggest you do the same when it drops” stupidDOPE

  • DaSouth

    “Hear Ye Him is authentic hip hop, and fans of the Clipse will not be disappointed with the sound of this excellent project.  This record could have shared the title of Propaganda’s latest offering (Excellent).”


       4/5 Stars

  • Wade-O Radio

    “This is everything a fan of No Malice could ever have asked for. His flow and confidence will remind fans of The Clipse but his message, maturity and humility also remind fans that he’s not Malice anymore…This truly is a fantastic record in every way. From start to finish, you will be engaged and impressed.”

    Wade-O Radio